SOTC USA Bishops

 Bishop Carla DeMerchant

Bishop Carla Is the Founder of Legacy International Christian University. She is working diligently to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to the world one college at a time.

Carla DeMerchant is  a native of the sunny west coast of California, She attained spiritual maturity in the cooler New England climates of Vermont and Connecticut. She  is fiercely possessive of her apostolic heritage. She believes in baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, in-filling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in a new language, and a  strong commitment to scriptural holiness and demonstration of its standards. Prophetess Carla is passionate about her faith. She is committed to being in Church whenever the doors are open. She is guided by careful adherence to the teachings of the under-shepherd.  Sister Carla is passionate, and having a careful eye for detail and a strong spirit of enterprise, she invests herself whole in her areas of gifting in Administration, teaching and Sunday School Ministry, and in Music and Worship Ministry.  Sister Carla stands committed to fulfill whatever the Lord’s call requires of her at any given time and in any given place. She fully embraces her responsibility as an intercessor, and she speaks prophetically as the Holy Spirit inspires her.  Sister Carla’s sunny personality readily warms the hearts of people, and easily endears her to ‘her’ children. Without reservations, Sister Carla will minister the words “I love you” to any broken heart which needs to be healed.  Sister Carla is a widow and is the mother of her only son Brandon.

Bishop Marty And LuAnne Oas

Soldiers of the cross church – Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation – Timberlake SD, USA, 57656