Meet the Board

Basic Guidelines


Soldiers of The Cross

Members of The Board

  • Come to the meeting prepared to discuss and make decisions.

(Always examine your motives to be certain you are acting in the best interest of Soldiers of the Cross – Use common sense when considering each issue. Use Godly wisdom)

  • Help promote Soldiers of The Cross.
  • Participate in church events.
  • Participate in outreaches
  • Set procedures and policies to ensure that SOTC is represented with integrity.
  • Manage yourself as an accountable representative of SOTC.
  • Act on behalf of SOTC, and all its affiliates, disregarding any personal concerns, or affiliations.
  • Be active in SOTC ministry.
  • Keep confidences, what happens in SOTC board meeting must stay in SOTC board meetings.

(No gossiping of any kind.)

  • President/ Chairman of the board will keep the Bishop informed of all board business.
  • Removal of a board member is to be done by The Chairman of The Board.
  • Only board members can remove credentials or people from SOTC. NO ONE ELSE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO DO SO.
  • Removals can only be done by vote.