Apostle Don Paris




Apostle Donald Paris

Apostle Donald Paris, (Apostle Don) was born in Alameda California and raised in Stockton, California. Apostle Don Graduated from Stagg High School… After that, he got a Degree in Biblical Theology from Holmes Bible College.


Apostle Don served in the United States Army for 10 Years. He traveled to 7 different countries while in the military. When Donald Paris left the military in January or 1986, he held the ranking of Drill Sargent. Just a few months later, On March 7th, 1986, Don Married His lovely wife Debi. Debi Paris Has been there with Don over the years. Together they have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Traveled to other countries and brought the gospel to anyone who wanted to receive it.


In 2000 Apostle Don was called to the ministry. Apostle Don used Gods calling to start Bread of Life International Church, in 2003, in Modesto California. While Pastoring the Bread of Life ministry, His stepmother and Father became church members and spent their time assisting Don and listening to him preach. Once Reverend Scott Paris retired, His sons, Donald and Benjamin Paris merged together bringing the soldiers of the cross under the Bread of Life Ministry in 2005. Apostle Don heads up the administration for soldiers of the Cross and assists Bishop Ben in corresponding with churches and pastors all over the globe. Together they spend their time furthering the kingdom.


Apostle Don and Debi

Apostle Don Resides in Gaffney South Carolina where he and his wife Debi continue to do the Lord’s work with  Bread of Life Ministry in their community. Apostle Don has brought the gospel to the Philippines where he visited on 3 separate occasions and Trinidad on 2 separate occasions. In 2013, Debi Paris suffered a stroke. Don stopped traveling overseas and committed his time to take care of his best friend. Today Apostle Don travels only to places that Debi can go with him, he will not leave her alone, he is her caregiver as well as her husband. Through all his life struggles Apostle Don never lost his faith or focus. He pastored 2 churches and today he is working in the evangelical field. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to 21 churches in Africa and 3 in the Philippines. Romans 8:28.