SOTC India Bishops

Bishop Job Daniel

Soldiers of the Cross Visakhapatnam India

Praise the Holy Name of our Lord. We walked nearly 20 kilometers and climb up the hills to reach the unbleached tribal people of India.. We walked hours these are our Recent Gospel in the Tribal Areas among the Tribes.we have Proclaimed the Good news of Christ!! And conducted small gospel programmers and after we have showed the Love of Christ by giving blankets and mosquito Nets to poor old age people Thank you for your prayers too….. Please pray for our tribal pastor church construction and the believers too … we safely back to home after finishing a fruitful ministry in our tribal areas.. We need your encouragement and prayers and involvement to do God’s work more and more to expand his kingdom for the glory of the God ………..hallelujah…….. Bishop Job Daniel

Bishop Rudolph Samuel David

Soldiers of The Cross, North India

Bishop Sunil Kumar